A quick translation of what the title of this post means (Genetically Modified Organism Oh My Gosh What the F Organic-For The Win).

Some background on what led me to write this post.  With the birth of our first son, my wife and I have put on perspectacles (glasses that make you see a different side of the story you are looking at).  My wife Haley, first proposed the idea of avoiding items, specifically items that would eventually end up in our son’s mouth, from China.  Reasons for avoiding China made products include possible chemical contamination, and lead in the paint…you can read more about her ramblings here:

Once we started the quest for external factors that could harm our son we had to tackle the most obvious factor that could harm, that being the internal.  He was born into a family that loves to eat, and being in nation full of over fed, but under nourished people, we have to do our best to give our son the best food we can, and teach him good habits so when he’s out braving his new world he will be well educated, and carry that tradition to his future family.  One of the first things we did was limit fast food to once a month…why not eliminate it all together?  We are weak/we used to have late night study dates, where we got Taco Bell, and worked on assignments in her car (so eating there is romantic?)/guilty pleasure…whatever you want to pick works.  Next was a CSA (Community Supporting Agriculture–for those of you in the Oly area Rising River farms wins).  With a CSA, you not only help out local farmers, eat healthy, but you are exposed to produce you would probably never buy, unless on a dare… who among us know what, or how to cook kohlrabi or celeriac.  Then we moved to the obvious move of organic food when possible.  Organic ingredients are not too hard to come by, what is most difficult is packaged/grab and go snacks for the house.  Here’s a short tried and true list with the store we purchase from all of which are organic:

(Seasonal?) Pumpkin Breakfast Bars (Pop Tarts) – Trader Joe’s
YumEarth Fruit Snacks – CostcoAnimal Crackers – Costco
Apple Sauce 50/50 regular/cinnamon – Costco
Annie’s Goldfish and fruit snacks – Safeway

Now some people might say, organic food is too expensive, in which case you can borrow my perspectacles to understand that organic food is a pay it forward investment, where the benefits are not seen on the macro level.  You pay literally a few extra cents or dollars now, to avoid malnutrition doctor visits when you are forty.  Being a mathematician it’s not often I get to throw in numbers to my blogs so let’s do this.  Pretend you go shopping once a week for groceries spending $10 each week extra on organics, $40 a month, $480 a year.   On the other hand you could develop something that leads to ER and doctor visits costing $1000, and being placed on meds for $30 a month, which is $360 a year for a total of $1360.  Making a jump from $480 to $1360 is a 183.3% increase.  Both numbers could be increased or decreased in either direction, but you get my point.  The ends justify the means, and you’ll reap what you sow.  Organic food need to doubly be considered if your child is an athlete.  Young sports stars need nutritional food directly after a competition to restore, that which was lost during their performance…have a good input and you’ll get a good output, makes sense?  So anyway, Haley and I continue to be on an organic buying kick, and then our thoughts were validated when I came across this movie, which we watched the other night and what I leave you with for this post, stay educated my friends:


Highlights/take aways of the movie:
Monsato is an evil dismissive corporation
Third World Countries will not use seeds from Monsato
Commercial (non-organic) farmers are bullied into using seeds from Monsato
Commercial (non-organic) farmers are not allowed to replant seeds from Monsato
Norway is trying to save the world via seed diversity
Farming used to make up more than 50% of the workforce in our nation…now it’s 2%
You are either eating organic or you are eating something with GMO in it
Food companies in the states inject harmful ingredients into our  food, while leaving them out elsewhere.  Take a look at Heinz Ketchup made in the USA versus that in Canada

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 6.31.10 PM

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UBD Reflection

Understanding by Design is great tool for planning instruction for students.  By keeping the end in mind when you start your planning, you have a clear goal of where you want to go, and an even clearer goal of where to start.  The UBD process is an intense and time consuming look at curriculum and instruction and therefore is better used when planning units, as opposed to specific lesson plans.  I enjoy writing lesson plans for each of the lessons I deliver and enjoy how specific I can make the flow of each lesson, which I feel would be lost in using the UBD process for each individual lesson.

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Curriculum Mapping Reflection

While watching the video for curriculum mapping I was visualizing how the different entities involved would react to curriculum mapping process. From the parent perspective mapping is great. I would be able to see what my child is doing in each class, and/or not doing in the class if my child tries to tell me something different. An additional component that would appeal to parents would be all the schools completing the mapping within the district in the case that parent has to move, they could pick which school to send their child to based off of how well the new school aligned, curriculum wise, with the old school. From the student perspective, I could see the lessons that I missed because I was absent or, if teachers post ahead of schedule and I’m leaving for a future trip I can prepare before for my trip. From the teacher perspective the acceptance could go two ways. The process of curriculum mapping holds teachers accountable, in sense that the process lets them know where they are in a given curriculum in relation to their colleagues OR teachers could say, “I don’t have time for this.” and just become frustrated with their job. All and all a great an idea in theory, as long as everyone on staff is on board.

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The start of something big

Big things come from small beginnings, this blog is my start.

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Two black belt, brazilian jiu jitsu practioners sitting.

Image of two BJJ black belts, taken from Flickr, on 7/24/12, by guillobel BJJ Academy


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MED 631 7-10-12 Reflections

Did You Know Video: If a visual representation is the fastest and strongest way for someone to comprehend a new concept, this video along with its presentation style is the best way to get information out to the masses.  Short clips packed with powerful statistics is the only thing this video offers, and yet the viewer learns so much information because of it.  Michael Scott’s motivational phrase ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ is completely accurate for this video series.  The video not only presents fun facts, but also showcases how effective visual representations are.

Day Made Of Glass Video:  Two things constantly came to mind while I watched this video, this is awesome, and this is why we teach.  After watching the video the first idea is obvious, having tablets that are compatiable with almost every object in our lives is an awesome concept.  Using technology to enhance our homelives, making learning increasingly visual, and/or decreasing energy consumption within buildings are just some reasons why developing glass technology is a lifestyle path in our near future.  Why we become teachers is hinted at in this.  Some of the technologies shown in the video have not been invented yet.  Teachers will be teaching students ideals not just content specific subjects, in which students will use for jobs that do not currently exist.  For all we know the students we teach next school year will be running the companies that will be innovative in the development of glass technologies.

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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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